26 January 2021

Benefits of Using a Galvanized Roof for a House

Tile is the material for the roof of the house that has been chosen for housing until now, besides plywood or wood. However, these three materials are no longer widely chosen for modern home design concepts. Conversely, the architects prefer galvanized material or what is more often called mild steel for the roof of the house. The choice of this material refers to the existing residential design in Sakura Country, Japan. Then, what are the advantages of a galvanized roof compared to tile, plywood or wood? Here are six benefits of using galvanizing for the roof of your house:


Thinner and Lighter

This material is thinner when compared to plywood or wood. It is also lighter in nature than other roofing materials. Galvanized is also easy to move, so it is not a hassle for workers. Even so, not all builders are able to install galvanizing. Therefore, you should make sure you choose the right builder so you don't install it wrong.


Free from Termite Attack and Brittleness

In contrast to plywood or wood which is easily weathered, galvanized becomes a more durable roofing material. This material is also sturdier and free from termite attack. In Indonesia, termites are a major problem for all housing made of wood. That means, you no longer need to worry about the dangers of this small, harmful insect at home.


Costs Issued Much More Efficient

Cost is the main thing that needs to be considered when you are renovating a house. The choice of roof and frame is one of them. Compared to roofs and wooden frames, using galvanizing will not make you often replace the roof frame of the house, because this material can be used for a long time. Of course, this will make your renovation costs not soar.


The House Building Process Is Faster

In installation, the wood materials must be measured and cut before being linked to each other. on the other hand, galvanized materials can be installed directly, making the building process of your house shorter. In fact, for a type 36 house, it only takes one week to work on the roof with galvanized material. Pretty fast, right?


More durable

In addition to its low price, galvanized material is alleged to have good durability, so it is widely chosen for building materials for shop houses, residential buildings, or warehouses. This is because galvanized will not rust easily, especially if you coat it with paint before installing it. Of course, you would prefer to use quality and durable materials, right?


Making Houses More Sturdy

Lastly is galvalume's ability to make your home stronger and stronger. Especially if the area where you live is prone to natural disasters. Of course, you want a sturdy house construction so that family safety can be guaranteed, right? Therefore, consider using galvanized material instead of wood or plywood.