22 March 2021

How to take care of house tiles to stay durable during the rainy & hot season. Don't take it lightly!

Tile is an important and functional element. Apart from being a roof covering, roof tiles also serve to protect residents from heat and rain. Therefore, house tiles also need maintenance to keep them looking aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, if the condition of the tile has aged, it means that it is eaten by age. Tile can also be mossy and the condition can be black so that it is unsightly. Untreated tile can cause leaks later and can be dangerous for the occupants of the house. To minimize the risk, let's see how to treat tile below!

7 Ways to Take Care of House Tile to Keep it Durable

1. Clean Dirt

In one condition, dirt in the form of crusty moss is often found on house tiles. This can happen because in the rainy season, moss grows and will dry out when summer arrives. So, clean the dirt using clean water and soap by scrubbing it. If there is mold growing in the cracks of the tile, it should also be cleaned. You need to be careful when cleaning it because the tile can be slippery, huh!

2. Avoid from tree branches

If there is a tree around the house and its branches hanging onto the roof or tile of the house, then it should be cut immediately. Moreover, if the tree branches are large. This is of course very dangerous because at any time it will hit and damage the tile.

3. Replace Weathered Tile

If when checking there are tiles that have started to rot due to age, it is advisable to replace them with new ones. If the tile is not replaced immediately, the consequence is a leak from the roof of the house. This applies to all types of tile.

4. Fix the Sagging Tile

In certain circumstances, the case of sagging tiles is very dangerous for residents and other people. Roof tiles can sag because they are blown by the wind or because of being eaten by age. So, replace or repair the tile to its original position. Replace roof tiles that are weathered to reduce the risk of roof tiles dropping.

5. Repaint

Repainting can be the best choice so that the tile comes back to like new and durable. Choose tile paint that is durable and of good quality to maintain the paint color for the next few years. Don't forget, look for references before buying because there are many choices of brands that can be obtained from hardware stores. Repaint tile is a solution if you don't have the funds to replace tile with a new one.

6. Use Upholstery

In order to be durable, use a leak-proof coating paint on the tile part. This is necessary so that during the rainy season, water does not leak easily. Seeping water will cost more. So, it would be nice to anticipate this from an early age.

Quite a lot of coating paints such as polymers or acrylics to additives that can be used.

7. Pay attention to hair cracks and accesories

Lastly is to pay attention to hair cracks and nok. If there are hair cracks around the tile, it is prone to leakage or seepage. Not only that, pay attention to the rooftop or at the end of the tile which is plastered with cement because it is prone to leaks. Change the tile to reduce the risk going forward.

Tips for Caring for Home Tile

- Perform maintenance at least 3 months

- Check the condition of the tile when the weather is not raining

- Use safety devices when repairing damaged tiles

- Use special cleaners that are easily available at material stores

- Choose a quality replacement tile type

- Pay attention to the roof drainage system so that water flows smoothly

That is how to care for roof tiles that are good and correct. Hopefully this is useful!