5 April 2021

Important Things to Pay Attention to in Building a Roof

Roofs are an important part of development, therefore architects must understand several important things in building a roof, be it a building or a house. In addition, this is one element that plays an important role in determining the characteristics and shape of a building. Because, each type of building has a different roof shape. Not only that, the different roof shapes can also show the characteristics of each house. For example, traditional houses, modern houses, and others. Therefore, the roof is an important element and must be considered.

Types of roofs on buildings

There are several types of roofs that are used in building a building or house, including the following:

Traditional Roof: A traditional roof is a type of roof that characterizes culture. Especially in Indonesia itself, in traditional buildings, which are mostly in the tropical zone, the roof is made with a slope sufficient to drain the rain. It can be said that almost all of these traditional buildings use sloping roofs.

Flat Roof: This type of roof is commonly used in the construction of modern houses. Now the construction of flat roofs is starting to be widely used, even the flat roofs at the top can be used again.

Contextual Roofs: Contextual roofs are generally often used for buildings with large spans.

Important Things in Building a Roof on a Building

The roof is one of the most important elements of a building. Then, what are the important things that must be considered in making it?

1. Make the roof as you wish

Basically, it turns out that the shape of a roof will greatly affect the image and aesthetics of a building. The design of the type of roof that is in accordance with what is desired is very important. In addition, the roof design also influences the calculation of material and installation costs.

2. Make a Clear Roof Design

The important thing in building the next roof is to determine a clear design. This design can determine the shape of the castor truss and the needs of the truss in the installation of a lightweight steel roof truss. If you already have a clear plan for the roof to be built, it will be easy to calculate the estimated funds that must be spent in the installation process. For example, when you use a wooden roof frame, you can measure and count it, then attach it to the roof frame. However, when using a lightweight steel roof truss, special calculations are required. This is due to the fact that the calculations are correct and fit for making the frame of the house. If there is a calculation error, the roof frame will not stand properly.

3. Ensuring the Use of Quality Materials

The choice of material is also an important factor in installing roof trusses. The materials we choose will also be very influential in determining the type of roof you will build. So, the frame can support the roof well. The choice of roof from SNI material is highly recommended for you. This is because the selection of quality materials must also consider the seller's factor.

4. Knowing the Building Roof Covering Material

The important thing in building the final roof is to consider the covering material that will be used. This must be considered because it can also affect the type of steel frame that you will use, especially on the roof of the building. Try not to choose a roof that is not in accordance with the frame that we are using.

The roof is the most important element in building a construction project. Therefore, you should not miss some things that must be considered in making it.