1 March 2021

Tips for Choosing a Steel House Roof

Steel roofs are considered very appropriate for those of you who have houses in areas prone to disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and others. Steel roofs do have a strong enough resistance so that the house does not collapse easily when exposed to extreme weather. Well, for those of you who are currently planning to make a steel roof at home, here are tips for choosing a steel roof

1. Pay Attention to Roof Installation

Some steel roofing materials are very easy to install, but there are also types of steel roofing that are difficult to install. So, if you plan to roof your own house, choose a material that is easier to install. Apart from that, the time required for installation also varies depending on the material. It might be a good idea to hire a professional to install a roof to make sure your roof is installed properly and they understand the proper roofing procedure. They have their own techniques that you may not know. But it doesn't hurt to try.

2. Quality and Warranty

Every home owner wants to get a roofing material that can last a long time. Apart from that, they also want to make sure that the money spent on buying them is not wasted. Therefore, look for products that have a warranty. People think if a product has a longer warranty, it means the product is more durable because it is impossible for manufacturers to provide a long warranty if their manufactured goods quickly fade or break before the warranty period. So, try to find a roofing material that has a longer warranty. Most modern roofing materials have a warranty.

3. Price

Of course, you need to know the amount of money you are going to spend on renovating the roof of a house in steel. The method is simple, you can compare the price of each steel material with its financial condition. Apart from costs, pay attention to quality because not all expensive items are of good quality. There are also steel materials that are not too expensive but have high quality.

4. Quality Material

Besides knowing the material, thickness and price, you should also dig up more information in terms of quality. Look for the best quality steel material, because it is very important. If you buy a low-quality roofing material, it may not last long. You will have to buy another set of roofing material because of the damage. This will require additional costs. So, make sure to choose a good quality steel roofing material.

5. Roof Material Thickness

Apart from the material, the roof also has different thickness sizes. So, choose the thickness of the roof you want and of course it must be in accordance with the conditions of the house. For example, steel roofs have different sizes of tools. The thicker the material, the more durable it will be. But there are also several types of materials that are durable and not so thick.

6. Consider Home

The architectural design of the house must also be considered carefully. Does the steel roofing material you choose match the shape and position of the house? Because not all house designs can be applied with roofs made of steel.

7. Learn the difference in Steel Materials

Steel is classified into two types, namely, carbon steel, which is difficult to bend, weld, or cut. And the second alloy steel (Alloy steel) This type of steel contains one or more metals such as nickel, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, tungsten and vanadium. By adding the metal to the steel, the alloy steel changes its chemical and mechanical properties, such as being harder, stronger and more ductile than carbon steel. But it all depends on you decide which steel quality options will be used.

8. Roof Framework

This refers to the roof support structure of the house. This section must be durable enough to support the weight of a steel roof, especially if the material you choose is quite heavy. So, use a very strong and quality support to ensure family safety, it is highly recommended to choose mild steel as a heavy roofing material frame.