15 February 2021

Types of roofs that are the most hits today

Types of Concrete Roofs

Basically, concrete roofs are not much different from clay tiles in the molding process, shape and installation method. Of course, apart from different materials, namely from concrete, this tile has a variety of color patterns when compared to the type of clay tile. Various advantages are also owned by this type of tile, namely strong in terms of construction, resistant to various weather, resistant to fire and a very futuristic visual appearance. However, with the concrete material you have, this type of tile is rather heavy when compared to the clay tile type.

Type of Cast Concrete Roof

Generally, this type of tile is found in offices and various other buildings. Cast roof tiles can be used as a rooftop at the same time, you can put various other items here because they have a strong roof construction to accommodate certain heavy loads. Another thing, cast roofs can be used for leisure and recreation.

Galvanis Roof Types

Galvanis roof types have the basic material of making, namely mild steel with the addition of zinc (zinc), silicon. This addition aims to protect the steel itself from oxidation. When compared to ordinary carbon steel, this type of galvanis is indeed more resistant to oxidation. Galvanis is always an alternative to wood, pvc, spandex. There are various advantages of this type of roof, such as resistance to termites (because it is made of steel), lighter weight, and easier installation.

Asphalt Roof Types

This type of roof has an asphalt content mixed with certain chemicals. This type is also lighter when compared to metal and ceramic types. What's more, this type is a tile that is anti-fade and durable so it is very suitable for long-term use

Canopy Roof Types

Canopy roofs are often applied to the roof on the terrace and the garage. Usually the installation process requires welding, to connect on the sides. In terms of installation, it can be said that it is easy and fast. Various other advantages, namely the various forms and relatively affordable prices offered.

Zinc Roof Type

Types of zinc roofs, including many used around you. Zinc roofing products that are easy to find make the types often encountered, besides that the price offered is more affordable than most other types of roof tiles. The shape of the zinc roof has a wide unit size, so you are simpler in terms of installation and the amount needed is certainly less. However, this type of zinc has a disadvantage, namely that when it rains, this type of roof causes a rather disturbing noise and can be prone to rust. 

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