8 March 2021

Various Roof Designs For Homes

Inside a house must have a roof that functions as a protection from the hot sun and rain. Initially the roof of the house was only a triangle. But along with the times it becomes varied with a variety of attractive designs. Do you want to buy or build a house but are still confused or unfamiliar with and understand the type of house? If so, then this article will help your problem and provide solutions to the various types of houses in Indonesia that are quite popular in society.

The main factor in determining the type of house is based on the size of the lot to be built. For example, a house with type 36 is a house that has an area of ​​?? 36 square meters. Another example is the type 45 house, which is a house that has an area of ​​45 square meters. Likewise with other types of houses. To determine the area of ​​a house, the most important factor is the housing lot in which the house is built.

In addition, there are special characteristics or characters in each type of house, for example in terms of space requirements or building dimensions. However, in the end the house will be adjusted by the developers according to the overall housing concept. Variations in types and designs of roofs for houses depending on the design, type of material and materials. The roof design of the house is generally a package when designing a house. The initial design is usually in the form of an image which is then combined between the model of the house and the roof.

To get a nice and comfortable residence, everything related to the house can be designed. A roof that is designed and in accordance with the design of the house will be more pleasing to the eye. Here are roof designs for homes that can be an inspiration when designing and building your dream home.

Gable Roof Design

The roof, which is designed to resemble a horse saddle, is also similar to a triangle shape. The model is relatively simple with a combination of triangular-shaped sides and beveled sides. The gable model is chosen in many houses in general. In terms of costs, it tends to be cheaper. But the drawback is that it leaks easily so it must be given exterior paint.

Flat Roof Design

The design is quite simple, which is just flat without any other models. The roof with a flat design is generally used for minimalist-style homes. The flat roof design causes the temperature to be hotter. So that the temperature in the house is not too hot, you must do calculations so that the air circulation is good. Roof designs for houses that are flat are prone to leaks. Materials used for the manufacture of flat roof designs can be reinforced concrete, thick zinc or asbestos.

Back Roof Design

This roof model is usually used for a futuristic minimalist style house. Contemporary home designs also use this roof design to give an attractive impression. In the design of the roof back, it has one roof that attaches to or rests against a vertical wall and is sloping. Generally placed on the terrace of the house or at the front.

Shield Roof Design

The roof design for this shield model house can also be referred to as a pyramid roof. The roof model consists of four planes, namely a pair of triangles and a pair of trapezoid. The advantages of this shield-shaped roof design are that it provides comprehensive protection for the house and has better air circulation.

Saw Roof Design

When viewed from a distance, this roof model is similar to a saw blade or steps. The roof of the house with this design on the front uses a flat roof. It is only then that the second roof and so on has a slope of about 30 to 60 degrees. This saw roof design model is quite unique and interesting. Generally, those who use this saw-shaped roof design are offices, factories and shops. But it is undeniable that the roof of the house can also use this saw design. This saw roof model is able to protect the inside of the house from direct sunlight so it doesn't get hot.

Tent Roof Design

The roof of this tent consists of four areas with the same slope. The meeting of the four inclined planes is at one peak in the middle. Generally, those who use a tent roof design are minimalist houses in the shape of a square. To provide variety can give a small window slightly protruding on one of the inclined planes. The roof design for the house can make the house look nicer. Even though it functions as a protection from the sun and rain, if it is designed it will be eye-catching.