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Established in 1981, Rainbow Group is the pioneer in metal roofing in Indonesia.
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Established in 1981, Rainbow Group has since pioneered the metal roofing industry in Indonesia, serving the market with its top quality brands: Rainbow, Arista and Minimalis.

With our Rainbow Roof collection, you can have a stunning roofing for your home choosing from a variety of styles, from classic, minimalist to traditional roofing. No matter which style you prefer, each roofing is designed to provide you a great safety for your home. 

Through extensive research and development, Rainbow Group roofing products are guaranteed to be lightweight, fire-resistant and leak-proof, that comes in a new level of sophistication in design and colours.


Rainbow Group recognises its commitment to product excellence through ISO 9001:2015. Rainbow Group has also obtained a TKDN (Domestic Component Level) certificate of up to 51%.