Rainbow Roof

Color-painted Metal Roof

Color : Merah Maroon


Rainbow Group Metal Roofing is specifically designed for elegant, sophisticate building. Made from recyclable and environmental-friendly metal sheet, Rainbow Metal Roof has a technologically advanced back coating that is more resistant to rust, and create a flexibility to adjust to the shape of the roof.

Advantages of Rainbow metal roofing:

1. Lightweight

2. Earthquakes and storm-resistant

3. Non-flammable

4. Crack-resistant

5. Flexible material

    Materials can be bent to adopt the roof frame model,

    either in traditional or modern buildings.

6. Saving on roof construction cost

    With non-multiplex materials, the installation process can

    be faster and cost-saving.

7. More secure

After-Sales Service

Apart from the marketing channel across Indonesia and abroad, Rainbow Roof Group also provides after-sales services as part of their customer service commitment for customers.


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Physical Length
: 410 mm
Effective Length
: 365 mm
Physical Width
: 710 mm
Effective Width
: 645 mm
: ±5 mm
Tiles per m²
: 4.25 lbr/m²


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Providing a professional finished look to the building. Form a strong weather tight seal to prevent leak and coating for rust resistance.